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International Organization Employment (F-1 students)

F-1 students may apply for authorization for employment by a “recognized international organization,” such as the World Bank or the Organization of American States.


  • You must have a written offer of employment from a qualifying international organization.
  • You are a full time student in good standing.
  • There is no waiting period.
  • Authorization is granted by USCIS in increments of no more than one year.
  • There is no limit on the amount of hours you can work per week.
  • Employment does not have to relate to your major field of study

How to apply

  • Once you are offered a position, make an appointment with OIS.
  • Prepare a package containing the following:
    • Written certification from an international organization on their letterhead that the proposed employment is within the scope of the organization’s sponsorship.
    • Complete Form I-765
      • Use code (c)(3)(ii) in the Eligibility Category field (currently item 27).
      • Note that the signature on your I-765 will appear on your EAD card; be sure not to cross the line
  • A photocopy of your Form I-94
  • Form I-765 filing fee (check, money order or credit card)
  • Obtain two immigration-style photos, 2” x 2”
  • Copy of the visa and ID pages from your passport, or, for applications for renewal of work authorization, a photocopy of the previously-issued EAD
  • Make photocopies of ALL your I-20s
  • Photocopy your I-94 arrival/departure record (available online here)
  • We will review your package, and then update your SEVIS record and print a new I-20 to reflect the internship.  A photocopy of this new I-20 will be included in the package.
  • Note that processing time could be three to five months.


  • When can I start working at the international organization that has hired me?
    • You may start on or after the start date on your EAD card
    • Can I take a semester off to work at the international organization?
      • No, you must continue to be a full-time student.
    • Does this time count against Optional Practical Training (OPT) time?
      • No.
    • What if the international organization wants me to work for them for beyond one year?
      • Plan to reapply well in advance of the EAD end date.
    • Does the internship have to relate to my major?
      • No.
    • Is there a list of all qualifying international organizations?
      • Yes:  Here is the list maintained at 8 CFR 316.20(c) within the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations.