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NY State ID's and Learner's Permit

Hey Everyone,
This is another one for those mails you should read, unless you already have your NY State ID.

If you haven't got you social security card yet, you might want to sort that out in the next couple of weeks because at the end of April we will be organizing another trip to the DMV.

Attached to this email are two documents.

       • The form you fill out to get an ID or learner's permit. (mv44)
       • A set of instructions so you know what kinds of identification you will need to bring (id44)

The scheduled date is at 3.30pm on Wednesday the 22nd April. We will be taking the Community shuttle which can leave a little earlier than scheduled so please make an effort to arrive at least 20mins before 3.30pm. Also please have about an 1hr 30mins of free time to be on the safe side.

This trip will be especially useful to Seniors as it is easier to apply for a state ID when you are in an educational institution.

Please read the forms carefully and make sure you have all the required forms of identification.

With love,
Your interns
Office of International Services --