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OIS presents Around the World: Latin America and the Caribbean

The Around the World series was created in part to educate the students on Vassar's campus about the diifferent cultures and perspectives represented by the many international students on campus through food and conversation. There are four parts to the series: Europe, Africa, Latin America/Caribbean, and Asia. Europe and Africa are presented in the Fall semester, while Latin America/Caribbean are presented in the Spring semester. With trivia and discussion, the goal is to open the minds of students to cultures that they may be interested in or maybe had no prior knowledge of.

Another part to this series is to allow internationals from the region presented to celebrate their culture and share thier narratives with others in a safe place. Many internationals on campus experience feelings of being homesick at one time or the other. The ATW series allows at very least a handful of internationals to look back at theirs at home and invite people into their vision of what home means and represents.

In an effort to share the cultures of the various international students on Vassar's campus, the Office of International Services (with support from Office of Campus Life and Diversity) present the Around the World series. Join us on March 2nd to partake in Latin American/Caribbean foods and music, and join in on a discussion headed by international student ambassadors hailing from the region.

March 2nd, CCMPR, 3-5pm. Open to any and all students!