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Vassar International Photo Contest

When you put out a call for submissions for an international photo contest, you might not expect to see images of a levitating Polish woman or an abandoned pair of shoes with a note to its new owner, but it’s shots like these that caught the attention of judges in this year’s International Photo Contest, an annual competition that aims to explore the cross-cultural perspectives of Vassar students.

The annual contest is open to all students—American JYAers, international students, and other members of the Vassar community who have traveled abroad. The idea is to submit photographs of places, people, and cultures they have encountered along the way. The competition is organized by Vassar’s Office of International Services in cooperation with the Vassar International Students Association (VISA).

This fall, there were 179 submissions in total. Winners were chosen during the Kaleidoscope international food festival, the largest and most popular event organized by the Office of International Services each year.

And the winners in three categories were …

People and Culture


People’s Choice Award

Posted by Office of Communications Monday, January 7, 2013